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Welcome to my personal website! I'm Ellpeck, though I usually go by Ell. I'm a developer person from Germany, and I do a lot of stuff online!

đŸ’ģ Projects

Here is a list of some of my bigger projects as well as some things you might know me from.
For a more exhaustive list of my projects, you can also check out some of the sites in the Social section.

In development

🏡 Tiny Life

Tiny Life is a fun simulation game that tries to capture the essence of games like The Sims, but in an isometric pixelart style. It's published by Top Hat Studios, and it's currently in Steam Early Access.

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💡 Actually Additions

Actually Additions is a rather popular Minecraft mod that I used to work on. It's become widely known in the modding community and has reached over 30 million downloads by now, which is crazy. I don't work on it anymore myself, but it's being maintained for current versions by someone else.

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Side project

🌲 Nature's Aura

Nature's Aura is a Minecraft mod about collecting, using and replenishing the Aura naturally present in the world to create useful devices and unique mechanics.

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Side project

🚋 Pretty Pipes

Pretty Pipes is a simple to use, all-inclusive item transport mod for Minecraft. It features simple pipes that can be upgraded using modules to accomplish much more advanced tasks.

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Side project

đŸ–ŧī¸ Custom Frames

Custom Frames is an Obsidian plugin that turns web apps into panes using iframes with custom styling. Also comes with presets for Google Keep and more.

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Side project

⏱ī¸ Super Simple Time Tracker

Super Simple Time Tracker is an Obsidian plugin that adds multi-purpose, easy-to-use time trackers to your notes that continue running even when you close Obsidian.

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Side project

🕹ī¸ MLEM

MLEM Library for Extending MonoGame is an addition to the game framework MonoGame that provides extension methods, quality of life improvements and additional features like a Ui system and easy input handling.

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Team member

🐧 Waddle

Waddle is a work-in-progress educational game that teaches young people about programming, created by a group of penguin enthusiasts at Uni Ulm's SP Institute. I create the game's pixelart and contribute to the game's design and programming.

Check it out (German)

🎟ī¸ Touchy Tickets

Touchy Tickets is a fun idle game for Android that has you selling tickets with various theme park attractions. You can download it for free on the Google Play Store, as well as see its public source code.

Google Play StoreSee the code

⚔ī¸ Foe Frenzy

Foe Frenzy is a small party game where you battle up to three of your friends with random, short-lasting items. I initially released this game as local-only right before the pandemic, so it never had a chance to become popular. I'm still quite fond of it though, and you can buy it for a few bucks and even play online now, too.


🔗 Social

These are other websites where you can find me and the things I do, including the pages where I publish my code and games and where I sometimes stream and upload videos. This list also includes a lot of ways to reach me.

⚠ī¸ Some of these sites may contain mature content.

Additionally, here are some miscellaneous socials:
  • I post most of my Sims 4 builds on the gallery as Ellpeck. I also post screenshots on my Simstagram.
  • My Nintendo Switch friend code is SW-5281-8834-6801.
Or check out the landing page

đŸ’Ŧ About

Sometimes, some people ask me some questions about myself or my projects, so I decided to compile a list of some of the answers in a Q&A-like fashion so that I don't have to keep repeating them. If you're curious about me, this might be interesting to you!

Q: What are your pronouns?
A: I'm assigned male at birth and quite comfortable with that, so I go by he/him most of the time. My own gender isn't really that important to me, though, and I usually also include they/them as an option.

Q: How old are you?
A: I'm years old. This automatically updates now, too, so I won't ever forget to update it again!

Q: Where are you from?
A: I am from Neuss, Germany and I currently live in Neu-Ulm, Germany. I lived in Aachen, Germany for a while as well.

Q: Why are you called Ellpeck?
A: Well, it actually isn't as interesting of a story as some of you might hope. Long story short, when I was little (and was, apparently, very bad at English), I decided to make a YouTube channel called "LetsPlayEveryGames." Shortly after, I also made a Minecraft account that I was going to call the same thing. At the time, though, there was a limit for how many characters your name could have, and so I opted for calling myself "LPEG" instead. When a friend of mine came along and started trying to pronounce that name, instead of saying each individual letter on its own, he started pronouncing it like a word: Ell-Peg. ...Ellpeck. I liked that pronounciation and so I stuck with the name.

Q: What should I call you?
A: In general, most of my friends online call me Ell nowadays, which is also what I go by on Twitter and Discord in terms of my display names. My boyfriend calls me Peck online, but I generally don't like it when other people do so. If we meet in real life, you can call me Ell or Julian, the latter of which is my real name.

Q: What languages do you speak?
A: I speak German, English, Java and C# fluently. I'm okay at JavaScript, TypeScript, Python and PHP, and I can just about get something to happen in C and Lua.

Q: How do you make games?
A: I usually use the .NET-based framework MonoGame together with some libraries to make it a bit easier, including my own library, MLEM, which you can read about in the Projects section.

Q: When are you updating your Minecraft mods?
A: If you're asking about Actually Additions, I don't work on it anymore. If you're asking about any of my other mods: Don't. I'll do it when I feel like it.

Q: What's your job/occupation?
A: I'm currently studying Computer Science at Ulm University. I don't have a job on the side or anything, though.

Q: Are you for hire?
A: You can commission me to make a Minecraft mod for you. You can find more information on my commissions page. For other work, you can check out my page on LinkedIn.

Q: What do you use to code?
A: For Java, I use IntelliJ IDEA. For C#, I use JetBrains Rider. For anything web-related, I use PhpStorm. For most of my other projects, which are usually rather small, I use Visual Studio Code.

Q: What's your favorite programming language?
A: C#.

📔 Blog

This is my blog, where I post about gaming, programming and life. The featured posts are the ones you'll probably be most interested in, but you can select a different category to see every post.

đŸ“Ģ You can also subscribe to this blog through the mailing list or the Atom feed.

Reading, Featured
13 Dec 2022

📚 My Favorite Reads of 2022

I read so many books this year! Here are some of my favorites, what I liked about them, and why you might like them too.
Short Stories, Featured
21 Jul 2022

đŸšĸ The Cruise That Changed it All

Tom didn't like his mom's friend's son Jaz, though he wasn't entirely sure why. But stuck on a ship with him, he found out a lot about him, and even more about himself.
Short Stories
16 Feb 2022

đŸ“Ļ Of Abby, Love and Butt-Shaped Pillows

Jeremy had just moved into a new house when he found a mysterious, heart-shaped box in the attic. Intrigued by its contents, he started asking his neighbors about it, and he would soon discover a secret love story.
04 Dec 2021

📚 My Favorite Reads of 2021

I've been using 2021 to read some more again. As it turns out, there are quite a few really good books out there. Here are some of my favorites I read in 2021.
Short Stories
27 Jul 2021

🎉 Vince, a Party and Brandon

Vincent is an anxious introvert who is desperate to find a guy to have some fun with. At his best friend's party, he gets the chance to do just that, but his anxiety threatens to screw it all up.
26 Jun 2021

đŸļ Dog-Earing and Other Terrible Reading Habits

Since I've been reading a lot more in recent history, I thought I'd start writing some blog posts about the reading. So first up, here are some of my terrible reading habits that would probably make a lot of book lovers angry. This isn't clickbait. I'm just terrible.
Short Stories
28 May 2021

🍝 Ketchup, Mayo and Barbecue Sauce

Sally can't quite decide what skirt to buy. When she starts going out for lunch with David, an old crush from high school, she can't quite decide what to order. But she's sure about one thing: She likes David. A lot.
Programming, Featured
24 May 2021

🤡 One Year of Tiny Life, and Cursed Comment Time

It's been exactly one year since I started working on my isometric Sims-style life simulation game Tiny Life, and since then, a lot has happened, especially in the realm of weird, funny and cursed comments in the code.
Short Stories
23 Apr 2021

📅 Jed's Things to Avoid in Life

Jed's rules are clear: No relationships. They interfere too much with his life, and he's not made for them anyway. But then, he sees his old crush from school in his hometown. Will he break his own rules for Davy?
Short Stories
23 Apr 2021

đŸ‘Ģ Emily's Fake Boyfriend

Emily's aunt keeps going on about her love life. To solve this problem, she pretends to be in a relationship with her best friend, Ben, who'd much rather have a real relationship with her. How will an evening with the three of them at the same table play out?
Short Stories
24 Mar 2021

❤ī¸ Em & Ben

Ben hates public gatherings because he suffers from anxiety. He's also in love with his best friend Emily, who frequently tries to drag him out of his shell. At the spring festival, he has a panic attack. Will Emily manage to support him?
Minecraft, Featured
21 Mar 2021

đŸ’ģ Your Minecraft Modding Questions, Answered

I asked yall to send me your modding and programming questions on Twitter and Discord, and in this post, I try to answer all of those.
23 Nov 2020

🔮 The Future of Actually Additions

Not wanting to accept the fate of Actually Additions, someone has come to its rescue. 1.16, here we come?
05 Jun 2020

🤷 But Do You Really Care?

On taking a break from social media
10 May 2020

⛔ Oh God, Please Don't Port Actually Additions

As Actually Additions celebrates its fifth birthday, I break down what I like and dislike about it.
03 Oct 2019

âŦ‡ī¸ How to make a Rock Bottom mod

My adventures back into a game I stopped working on about two years ago and how I start on a mod for it
15 Sep 2019

⚔ī¸ Big Projects

How a once small project I even created a post about turned into the first game I'm selling: Foe Frenzy
01 May 2019

🗡ī¸ Small Projects

Why creating a small, unplanned project is sometimes good for you
Minecraft, Programming
17 Feb 2019

⚙ī¸ Why You Should Mod Minecraft

About what makes Minecraft modding great and why you should probably try it if you enjoy programming
26 Nov 2019

☕ Java Tutorial, Part 7: Overriding Methods

In this Java tutorial for beginners, we cover overriding methods, calling superclass methods and toString().
31 Oct 2019

☕ Java Tutorial, Part 6: Inheritance

In this Java tutorial for beginners, we cover classes extending other classes and the instanceof keyword.
20 Oct 2019

đŸ˜ĸ Lows

About depression and what it feels like when I don't know what to do with myself
17 Oct 2019

☕ Java Tutorial, Part 5: Things I Left Out So Far

In this Java tutorial for beginners, we cover some shorthands, some more data types, the difference between pass-by-reference and pass-by-value, null, as well as arrays and lists.
14 Oct 2019

☕ Java Tutorial, Part 4: Classes and Objects

In this Java tutorial for beginners, we cover the basics of creating classes with a constructor, some fields and some methods and creating objects of them.
11 Oct 2019

☕ Java Tutorial, Part 3: (Static) Methods

In this Java tutorial for beginners, we cover what (static) methods, parameters and return types are.
10 Oct 2019

☕ Java Tutorial, Part 2: Intro to Conditions and Loops

The second part of my post series for programming beginners. This one is all about conditions and loops.
10 Oct 2019

☕ Java Tutorial, Part 1: Hello World

The first part of my post series for programming beginners where I explain how to write code in Java.
06 Jul 2019

😔 About Cross-Platform and Motivation

How moving from Java to C# taught me how horrible it is to create a cross-platform application with little to no knowledge or documentation
17 Feb 2019

✨ Blogs are Cool, I Think

The first post and how I created it

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