Welcome to my little website! I'm Ellpeck, a student and programmer from Germany. I do a lot of stuff, actually. My life is pretty busy.

Look around this website to find out more about my projects and other places you can find me!


Here is a list of some of my main projects. Check them out if you want!
For a full list of my programming projects, you can check out my GitHub page linked below.


Below is a list of the social networks and websites that I regularly use (and my email address). The closer to the front of the list they are, the more frequently I use them, generally.


Sometimes, some people ask me some questions about myself or my projects, so I decided to compile a list of some of the answers in a Q&A-like fashion so that I don't have to keep repeating them. If you're curious about me, this might be intersting to you!

Support Me

If you think any of the stuff I work on is interesting, especially my game or one of my Minecraft mods, a great way to show me your appreciation and help me out is to throw me a bit of your precious money!
If you want, you can do so using one of the ways below.
Keep in mind that doing this is, of course, optional. I don't expect you to give me money for what I do, people appreciating it is already really awesome to me. Plus, if you want to, you can always support me by telling other people about me and my projects as well.