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Where else to find me


If you like the stuff I do, you can use Patreon to support me with actual money! Amazing, right? You will also get rewards related to my Minecraft Mods and other stuff!


This is my Discord server! You can both message me on there about things and also add me as a friend from there, if you want to do such things. Please always @mention me whenever you post something there - I'm not that active normally.


I use Twitter most out of all social networks, mainly because it's just really easy to use. However, I post both in German and in English on there, so I don't know if you'll actually like that.


GitHub is where I have all my open source projects! You can view code and other stuff that has to do with my Minecraft Mods and other programming stuff I work on.


Someone got me into using Instagram, and now I can't stop! Help! Yea, I post stuff on there that you might want to see.


This is my Reddit thingy. I don't use Reddit as often as I probably should, but sometimes I browse Minecraft-related stuff like /r/feedthebeast.


I occasionally upload some videos - but not that often. Don't expect anything huge. 


I occasionally stream. Mostly mod development. But also very rarely. If you ever want to see it, you might want to follow me on there and also on Twitter, as I also post there when I stream.


I have no idea what this site is. Genuinely. I just created the account to view some stuff that I couldn't before. Apparently it's somewhat like Twitter, but don't expect me to ever use it. :v


Hello! I am Ellpeck and this is my little website. On here, you can find lots of stuff about me!

I mainly do things. A lot of things, actually! If you want to know about the things I do, it's best if you check out some of the websites that are linked above. They're the ones I'm most active on. You can also check out my blog and the Minecraft Mods section linked at the top as well!