There’s a little bit of info about me on the home page, however, there are still a lot of things people might wonder about me.
So there’s some of those questions answered in a Q&A type of way, just because it’s nice and easy to read.

Q: Which other platforoms and places can I find you on?
A: There’s a thing on the right (or the bottom if you’re on mobile) with some buttons that lead to most of the places I’m around on.

Q: Why are you called “Ellpeck”?
A: Obviously, Ellpeck isn’t my real name, because that would be ridiculous. It’s actually a name accidentally given to me by a friend of mine. Let me explain. When I was little and my english skills were lacking, I created a Youtube account called LetsPlayEveryGames (don’t even try, it’s gone) on which I made crappy gaming videos. When I made a Minecraft account, that name was too long, though, so I made it into an acronym: LPEG. The friend I mentioned then tried to prounounce that without knowing what it actually meant, and he did it by just pretending it was one word: LPEG.. L-PECK.. Ellpeck.

Q: Gender?
A: I was surpised when people started asking this. Though it’s understandable with today’s openness about gender and stuff. Anyway, I’m male. Biologically and mentally.

Q: Age?
A: Currently 18. Years, obviously. But I’ll probably forget to change this after my birthday, so maybe I’ll be #forever18.

Q: What do you use to code?
A: For Java, I use IntelliJ IDEA by JetBrains, because in my opinion it’s the nicest and cleanest IDE that exists for Java. Tried Eclipse and NetBeans, but I just wasn’t really happy with it. Don’t hate on people that use a different IDE though, it’s just personal preference, kthx.

Q: How did you learn to code?
By watching a lot of tutorials and copying and looking at a lot of other people’s code. For my first couple of Minecraft mod attempts, I just exactly copied what people did in their tutorials without understanding what it actually meant, which was pretty horrible. Also, I tried learning modding before learning Java, which is never a good idea.

Q: Are you on ForgeCraft?
A: Yea.

Q: What’s your sexual orientation?
A: I like cute guys.

Q: Are you in a relationship?
A: No. And I don’t plan on changing that any time soon.

Q: Are you a nerd?
A: Probably.

Q: Why do you post poems?
A: I’m sad and depressed a lot, and I write poems to deal with feelings and stuff like that. I post most of the ones I think are at least decent-ish, though I’m rarely happy with the stuff I make which makes it hard for me to judge if any are actually good or not.

Q: What’s your job?
A: I don’t have a job right now. If you have an offer though, let me know! I could use some more money :^)

Q: Are you going to school?
A: I’m going to university studying computer science.

Q: I found a bug in Actually Additions!
A: Me too thanks.