Minecraft Stuff

In my free time, I work on a lot of mods for a game called Minecraft. You’ve probably already heard of it, because basically everyone has. Anyway, one of the mods I made became pretty popular. The other ones.. not so much. Here’s a list of all of them, though.

Alternatively, you can also just look at my CurseForge profile for a list.


Actually Additions
(A mod about a lot of useful stuff that is combined by weird ways of trying to balance the stuff. It’s in a lot of modpacks, so that’s nice I guess.)
Also, it has a changelog, an online version of its manual and a Twitter account.

Small stuff

Mining Tweaks
(A mod that makes you able to configure the hardness and harvest level of existing blocks. Useful for map makers, made for a friend’s modpack.)

(Mod for TheMattaBase, contains a bunch of random stuff he needs for a modpack he’s making.)

(A mod that gives players that are close to each other strength and regeneration)

(A mod that adds a wooden hopper, that’s pretty much it.)

Not so active-ish anymore

Simple Protection
(A mod allowing server admins to configure certain areas to allow and disallow certain actions. Originally made for a friend’s server, now just sort of abandoned because the code is a mess.)

(Neat concept in my opinion, mod that stores your settings in a global folder so you can access them from different Minecraft instances. Never really took off, though)

Tool Head Swapper
(Also a neat concept I just wanted to make happen. You can swap out the materials of vanilla tools in a crafting table, so you can turn an iron pickaxe into a diamond one etc. Never really went anywhere either, though.)

(A joke mod that turned into a reddit meme for a brief amount of time. Makes villagers explode whenever they look at a pumpkin. Don’t know either.)

Given to other people

(A mod that adds a cool armor with modules that can smelt your items and store your stuff and make you stronger and faster and whatever. Given back to canitzp¬†after he gave it to me after I.. it’s.. confusing. But it’s his now.)