Hurtling towards him (a short story by Ellpeck)

This is another short story I wrote. It doesn’t really have any connection to anything that is related to me, but it just came to my mind at some point.
I’d be happy about comments on what you think of it.

When he crossed the street, his clothes were already soaking from the rain. It was windy and the thunder darkened the world around him, while lightning, feeling like it struck all around him constantly, brightened up the overcast sky.
His wallet was already empty, but he didn’t really mind that. He walked along the sidewalk, with both his hands in his sweatshirt’s pockets. After a couple of minutes, he finally decided to fluff up his hood and put it over his head.
As the streets got darker and more gloomy around him, he soon realized that something wasn’t right. He started looking around hastily while gradually increasing his walking speed. Sooner than later, he found himself on a dark, gloomy pathway leading out of the city. It became colder, but he decided to follow it. He didn’t really have much of a choice either. Going back wasn’t an option.
“Frederic!”, someone yelled.
“Frederic!”, he quickly turned around.
“Frederic!”, yelled a loud female voice from the distance. He started dashing.
“Frederic! Why are you running away?”, the same voice yelled, slightly more worried sounding.
He stopped and hunched over, breathing heavily. He quickly turned around looking for where the yelling originated. He didn’t know, though.
As he continued walking, he got colder and colder as the night got darker and gloomier. At some point, he reached a tiny wooden hut as the area around him became more forested and the trees became denser and denser.
He stopped and looked at the hut. It was a small cottage with a tiny front balcony. The wooden door was almost closed, but you could see a shine of light coming out of it. The blinds in the window next to it where closed fully, no light escaped the thick fabric.
Soaking and freezing, he snuck up the three steps in front of the balcony. Even though the rain had already stopped a couple of hours ago, he was still wearing the hood on his head. Before entering the cottage, he decided to take it off, revealing his shiny red hair. It wasn’t long, he had recently gone to the barber to have it cut.
And even though his barber was really nice, he was scared of him. Something about him just seemed off, but maybe it was just his fear of scissors that made him think that.
Once he had entered the cottage, thunder started growling in the distance. It became scarier for him, but he didn’t care. It was too cold to go back outside. Inside the cottage, there were two seats next to a tiny table. Some cookies in a nice silvery boal were decorating the counter on the right side. It seemd way bigger in here than on the outside.
After some time of wondering, he sat down on one of the chairs.
“Frederic!”, someone yelled.
“Frederic!”, he started to panic.
“Frederic”, yelled the loud female voice, and it seemd unfathomably close. He started putting his hands over his ears as tightly as he could.
“Frederic! Why are you running away? Just accept the truth!”, the same voice yelled, slightly more angry sounding.
He stopped and hunched over, breathing heavily. He quickly turned around, more confused than he was ever before. Where had the cottage gone? And the forest?
Frederic was standing in the middle of the street as the bus started honking. People on the sidewalk were yelling something and most of them were putting their hands over their eyes or their ears.
He turned around and saw the bus speeding towards him. Yet, he didn’t move. As the bus started braking, the weels immediately stopped turning, but instead sliding across the street’s surface with a loud, high-pitched sound that made even more people put their hands over their ears.
It started sliding sideways, blocking the entire street. Then, it started to tip to the side slowly, almost falling over, while it was still sliding towards him.
The driver turned the wheel in any possible direction that he could, desperately trying to make the bus stop moving along the wet, slippery street. The cars that were driving in the other direction started braking almost instantly, with an equally as painful screeching sound as the bus’ wheels on the slippery street. Cars were hurtling into each other all around him, and the bus came closer and closer. Yet, he didn’t even attempt to move.
Frederic closed his eyes as tightly as he could, so that it started hurting just a bit, and he put his hands up in the air.
As the bus and the cars were hurtling towards him, and the people around him were yelling and screaming in fear, he realized that this was what he had wanted all along.