Foe Frenzy is a fast-paced fighting game where you battle up to three of your friends with random, short-lasting items in an attempt to be the last survivor.

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You can buy Foe Frenzy for $12.99 on any of the following platforms.

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For the time being, Linux users won't be able to buy the game on Discord, as its store is not supported there.




[1]: When creating a Multiplayer lobby, the host has the option to invite players using Discord's and Steam's online play features, regardless of which platform the host and the invitees have bought the game on. Sadly, Discord's online play feature is currently only supported on Windows.


About the Project

Foe Frenzy is a game created by Ellpeck, a student and indie game developer from Germany. It started as a small project inspired by Mario Kart and similar games, because the short-lasting battle items you can use in those games allow for fast and fun gameplay.

Development on the project started early in 2019, back when Foe Frenzy was still considered a small side project. Ellpeck made a blog post about the process of Foe Frenzy's early creation in which he described how creating small projects is easier. After a while of developing the game, Ellpeck took a break from it due to lack of motivation. When he came back to it about two months later, he decided to turn Foe Frenzy into a bigger project, which included redesigning the art for the game, as well as the plan to turn it into a commercial project. Shortly after the rework, he made a second blog post about this decision.

With Foe Frenzy, Ellpeck hopes to have created a game that brings fun and banter to many friend groups' gaming meetups.


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