A lot of people ask a lot of questions. So here are the answers.


Q: Which other platforms and places can I find you? Do you have a Twitter? Facebook? Patreon? Discord server?

A: Yes, no, yes, yes. But to make this a little easier on you, why don’t you check out the home page of this website? If you scroll down a tiny bit, you can see buttons to visit all of the things that I also do besides this website!


F: Why “Ellpeck”?

A: A lot of people ask me this question, it’s a pretty boring story though. When I was new at gaming and stuff like that, I had a pretty cringy name on Youtube: LetsPlayEveryGames. Yes, I know that the grammar with that is totally wrong, and yes, I know, it’s awful. But because that was too long of a name for my Minecraft account, I called it LPEG, the short form of the name. When a german friend of mine, xdqmhose first saw my name, he instantly started pronouncing it as a word instead of each individual letter: “Ellpeck”.

“Gimme an L! Gimme a PECK!”


Q: Why is this FAQ in German?

A: It isn’t anymore. So don’t ask questions that don’t apply anymore.


F: Age?

A: 17. Years, that is. Not months, that’d be a bit young.


F: What do you use to code?

A: For Java, I use IntelliJ IDEA by JetBrains. It’s basically like Eclipse, but I like it way more. It feels nicer to use and simpler in general. If you’ve never tried it out before, you definitely should!


F: How did you learn programming?

A: Mainly through Youtube tutorials. I also started Minecraft Modding before I knew any Java or programming in general, and I gotta tell you: It’s an awful idea. Please don’t ever do it. Learn programming first, then start work on a game or something like that. Don’t do it the other way around, it gets messy and awful.


F: How does XY work in Actually Additions?

A: http://ellpeck.de/read


F: Are you on ForgeCraft?

A: Yea.


F: Sexual orientation?

A: I’m bi. Probably like a 4-5 on the Kinsey scale.


F: Are you in a relationship?

A: I have a boyfriend, xbony2 <3