What I Like About Milkshake

This might be a little bit of a weird post, but let me explain.
My boyfriend and I are currently watching Jane The Virgin on Netflix (it’s an amazing show, by the way), and early on in the first season, Jane decides to call her baby (yes, it’s confusing, go watch it) “milkshake” instead of “baby” because she can’t stand the thought of calling it “baby”.
Now I thought that was super cute, and so since then, I started calling my boyfriend “milkshake”, which is also why it says exactly that in his twitter bio.
Anyway, he’s feeling down right now and so this is everything I like about milkshake… it’s a weird analogy for an awesome person <3
And yes, be prepared for cheesy.

Why I like milkshake?
Well, come on, that’s easy

Whenever it’s warm, it’s there
to cool me

It’s so colorful
so many different flavors

It’s refreshing and sometimes
it’s just right there when I need it

It’s easy to get
yet hard to let go of

It’s made of so much different stuff
yet all of it just fits together

I don’t know all the possible flavors yet
but I’m sure they’re all amazing

All in all, it’s a perfect addition to life
and I’m really happy that it’s there

Oh also, in case you were hoping for that
I’m not making a straw sucking joke.