Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom is the game I have been working on for a couple of months now.

It looks a lot like a mix between Terraria and Minecraft, but I have a lot of plans for it.
It has an infinite world in all 4 directions and works with a chunk-based system, much like Minecraft.

The basic idea is that the player will have to dig down farther and farther to progress in the game, finding new and better minerals along with different types of environments, caves, tiles and new monsters and other entities.
Also, I want it to feature various bits of automation along with some of the features of my Minecraft mod Actually Additions.
This is making use of the infinite world property going downwards and it’s also the reason why the game is called Rock Bottom.

The game also features a fully working Modding API that you can check out on GitHub by clicking here.
Curious about mods? Check out the first ever Rock Bottom mod by clicking here.

For more updates on it, you should join my Discord server that is linked on the home page and look at the #ellpecksgame channel.
You can also check out the game on IndieDB by clicking here.

Right now the game is not relased yet, but you can check out some screenshots of the progress right here: