Mods (Minecraft)


Hier seht ihr eine Liste aller Minecraft-Mods, an denen ich arbeite oder mal gearbeitet habe. 
Klickt einfach auf ihre Namen und die Dinge in den eckigen Klammern, um mehr zu erfahren.


This is a list of all of the Minecraft Mods I have been or am still working on.
Just click on their names and the things in the brackets for more information.

Actually Additions

(A mod about lots of useful gadgets and things)

[WebManual (explanation about everything in the mod)]
[Twitter (Github commit messages, updates once in a while)]

Simple Protection

(A mod that allows server admins to configure certain areas to allow and disallow certain things)


(A mod about an RF-powered armor that can be upgraded and modified, rewrite of the original version by canitzp)



(A small mod that synchronizes your options across several Minecraft instances)


(A mod that lets you swap the heads of regular tools for other materials)