Poems and Stories

What does it mean When you say that you love me? What does it mean When you say that you care? Do you do, really? Does it change a thing? […]

One second you’re quiet The next one you yell A minute is over No words more to spell To be honest, who blames you When you’re all alone Who says […]

Love is this contruct This wave And it hits you Again and again The thing is You see it coming But once you are in You don’t see the outside […]

Hey, it’s me, I’m alone I was wondering if I could come in I hope you’re not alone In this empty, empty home Today I will tell you What happened […]

You’d come to me and tell me That it’ll be okay You’d come to me and say it Every single day And if I never make it That’s what you […]

Poem: Cage

I actually write all my poems on paper first, just because I like it a lot more than typing them out. So instead of actually copying this poem off my […]

The spades of the doubt are digging it deeper The shovels of fate move the ground away The bombs of despair make more holes around it Like anyone else doesn’t […]

I’m crying in my bed alone under the sheets I’m crying to myself I’m crying desperate and alone in my bed and it won’t stop I’m crying don’t know what […]

The knife on my wrist Are the windows closed? The music loud? Is the note on the table? The door locked shut? Am I standing straight? Are the win- the […]

I sometimes wonder what’s the real me. If it’s the one that’s positive, helpful, motivated, the one that’s happy and accepts things as they are, solves problems by seeing their […]

Don’t look too closely at the changes as they might sadden you. Don’t look at what is different, don’t see what is new. Hide your eyes from everything, dim the […]

I tripped on my words and fell over. I ended the sentence while looking for cover. I fell down the paragraph, again and again and dotted my thoughts now and […]

In the back of the woods is my house. There are scratches on the paint of the walls. The door is wide open, yet bars and plates of iron try […]

I talk in terror, but mumble in fear. I speak with my eyes closed, avoid every tear. I make a confession, I make a choice. I cry out and louder […]

Did you hear that? The sound of my heart as it broke. Did you hear that? The corpse of my love that I stroke. Can you hear me? Scattered and […]

I was stepping on tiny twigs that crumbled under my feet. I was walking on the holy ground that made me feel vibrations in my chest. As I walked along […]

Tears rolling down the face of the desperate, the erased. They’re trapped in boxes of themselves, their minds are tucked away in shelves of flesh and bones, and rotten hearts, […]